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TAP (TEARS Abstinence Program)

The goal of the TEARS Abstinence Project (TAP) is to increase developmental assets through positive adult, peer and community interactions which will empower youth to choose abstinent lifestyles


Youth Builders Program

Building careers through confidence, discipline, and professionalism. Providing free Academic Support, GED Program and Job Preparation.




Building Responsible Individuals through Deliberate Guidance, Empowerment and Support  


TSAP (Student Assistance Program)

Our Mission

The mission of TEARS Inc. is to treat, inform, empower and encourage youth to make sound healthy decisions so that their paths lead them into successful futures.


“All choices have consequences; make sure your choice has a consequence you can live with.”  

Ms. Angelia


Community Service

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Tears Student Assistance Program (TSAP)

TSAP is a general outpatient program for adolescents having substance abuse and/or dependency concerns. Treatment, Prevention and Education are the keys to a drug free lifestyle. All services offered are in a confidential setting.

Location: Garrett-Harison Stadium


Phone: 334-291-6363


Time: 9:00A.M-5:00





Location: 1005 South Railroad St.


Phenix City, Alabama 36867


Phone: 334.214.5400


Time: 12pm-5pm

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